God works wonders!

IMG_20160322_103330379A couple of weeks ago a woman came to Helps Outreach for some help. She was being interviewed by Miss Angie and telling her what she needed, some food, some clothing, and some household items, then she asked Miss Angie if we had a hospital bed for her sick mother who was moving in with her. Miss Angie told her that we get them from time to time, but did not have one now. Miss Angie held her hands and began to pray specifically for a hospital bed to come in. While they were praying a client was picking up some furniture in the back stock room and asked Mr Joe if we could use a hospital bed that she no longer needed. Since they were both there at the same time, we put them together and tears of gratitude were flowing from each of them for this instant answered prayer.They each experienced God’s amazing grace and love in the act of giving and receiving. Everyone present were stunned and overwhelmed by what they had just experienced.

One of many examples experienced at Helps Outreach of God’s presence here.